New Year, New Goal!

… Now, the year 2014 starts!

Time flies so fast that i cannot run rapidly enough to follow it….

2013 has passed and I have done many things in my life …

By the way… What i have done was not so impress enough that can say ” Last year was another best year of my life”.

…. I made many wrong decisions
…. I ignored many important things
…. I wasted a lot of time on stupid activities
…. I was not brave enough to do something that i think they were cool!

……….. What i did wrong from last year is the lesson learn for this year..

I won’t follow the same foot print as i did in 2013..

2014 will be the better year of mine!
I will make this year to be a memorable year of my life!

I have set my own goals
1. Establishing my online boutique
2. Recovering daddy’s business
3. Getting a good evaluation from my current job
4. Getting a good score of English and Math exam

At the end of this year, i will review them again.

…… Hope all goals were ticked by me 😉


“Aim high, fly high” Go ahead to catch my goal!

Rufina.p :)))))))


Weekend weekend


Do you know how i feel when weekend comes? … Happy to the maxxxxxx !


Enjoy ur weekend as much as u can;))

Open the door , go out, and see what we have in our (Thai)land!

People are saying Thailand is the Treasury of Nature especially Sea. But since I have been living in Thailand for 22 years, I have never felt how beautiful it is.

One day I was sitting in a boring workplace. I received the message from one of my friend asking me to go somewhere outside the Bangkok. I decided to go and chose the South of Thailand as an destination because i had never been there before. Luckily, another friend of me has his home in Phuket and Krabi that are the most famous province in the South of Thailand.

After decided to visit Phuket and Krabi. We suddenly booked the ticket and go there by bus. That took around 12 hours from Bangkok to Krabi. At the time of arriving, I did not feel something special with the South of Thailand until the first traveling program started!…

…We started the first program with Kayaking into the channel of the sea and saw the nature of Mangrove forest.

Kayaking Kayaking

That was so exciting because I have never rowed a Kayak before but it was really easy to row and i can did it really well!

After Kayaking , we all were really tired , so we spent the time with an easy activity like went to temple, walking in the forest and ending our day with a Barbecue Party in my friend’s farmhouse.




Then , after having such a fabulous night. We continued our trip with Sailing to the Porda Island, Krabi, here i did the impressive activity that i had been dreaming of doing it for long time …… That was diving!… In fact it was only snorkeling but it still could compensate my dream 😛

The most memorable moment was happening when the Clownfish swam around my body. They are not scare of people anymore. But when the time i tried to grab them. They escaped my hand really fast!

In the afternoon we went to Separated sea. I exactly have no good pictures of it so i saved them from Google.Separated Sea

After landing, we suddenly went from Krabi to Phuket to get a delicious seafood dinner.

How tasty it was!

Many thank to my friend’s family for treating us lots of delicious seafood. I really can’t describe how tasty it was!!!!!

We ended the second night by going to see Thai Boxing, The strength that full with Thai Art.

Thai Boxing

The last day trip. We went to PhiPhi Island. The island locates in Krabi but we can also go there from Phuket. From Phuket it took 1 and half of hour to get there.

I was really impressed since the time of arriving! The sea was so clear that i can see the sand at the bottom of it!!!!

I had been to many seas in Thailand but now I could say that PhiPhi is the most beautiful sea in Thailand!!!!!!!!

Love it so muchhhh!!!!

PhiPhi PhiPhi PhiPhi

Again, at PhiPhi we also did a snorkeling but what i saw from here is quite different from what i had saw from Porda Island, Krabi. Here there are a lot of lived coral and species of fish. I wished i had had more time to spend in the sea. But time passed really fast that i had to go back to the land in time the boat sailed.

… What i have wrote over there were only the main part of my trio that I felt impressed. In fact, There were a lot of memorable moment that i still had never told you.

By the way i want to let all of you know that……

the sentence
“People are saying Thailand is the Treasury of Nature especially Sea”
is Correct and it is already proved by ME!

Now, I am falling in love with Thai sea and will never change my mind from them!!!

Rufina 🙂


Bye bye my childhood!

Haaaaaaaa,, I ve just graduated the bachelor degree!
No more study, no more exam! I really happy about it but but but…………
Next week i have to start working. Its my first job!

I dont know whether i am happy or not ..
My childhood have gone. I am going to be an adult..
Childhood life was really enjoy fun and joyful.
Going to school, chatting with friends, copying homework, singing songs, playing card, teasing teachers, going shopping, eating in the cafe, going to nightclub, camping onthe beach and etc…..!

Ahhhhh so much happy . I wanna grow up younger! ><
Does anyone miss your childhood life ?


Chinese new year 2013 in Thailand

Hi everyone!


Because today in Thailand is a Chinese new year day,,

So all people who are Chinese or half race Chinese in Thailand celebrate their festival here.
If you are in Thailand now, you will see a lot of people on the street with red costume because red is a lucky color of Chinese.

The important ceremony that we have to do in  chinese new year is to pray to our forefather who already died. We pay respect to them and also make merrit to them.

In this point i think the way Chinese make merrit to their forefather is very interesting and a little bit funny. Because they burn all the imitate-papered stuff  which they thaught it would be neccessary to their forefather, for example  they burn papered house, car, money and mobile phone. And in this year they also burn papered iphone, ipod, ipad, samsung galaxy note, tablet, charger eventhough 3G sim card!!
I really wonder whether the forefather know how to use those technologies??

By the way, next year i will not forget to burn the manual for them :))

Happy Chinese new year!
Festival in Thailand
Imitate papered stuff
Ipad iphone
Let u choose the newest series for your forefather!

At last i would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all of u again, hope u are lucky in every side of your life! ;)))))))


10 things that “Thai people” must have in there house!

Today i woke up in the early morning and had nothing to do, i stepped down from my bedroom to the kitchen and asked my mom about the breakfast. My mom was cooking in that time. I stood nearby her and looked what was she doing,, she cooked the breakfast and used the ingredient as every day… I wondered, if my family lived in other countries, what would my mom use for cooking our meal? Then I recognized that…..

In this world there are a lot of different cultures in each country that make people have their own daily life, so the best way to live in this world for me is  to learn the others’ culture and share my culture to the others:)

So.. today I would like to share my simple 10 basic stuff in my daily life that may different from your life. !!

All these 10 things are the basic stuff that every thai household must have,,, let’s start,,

#1. Rice.


Rice is a basic meal for Thai people, we eat rice everyday as the western eat bread or pasta or potato every day,,

#2. Fish Sauce

Fish sauce

 The taste of the fish sauce is very salty, it is extracted form fish. Some people say that it smell bad. But I really like its smell. We always use it to flavor the food.

#3. Spicy Chili!


Thai people love spicy food! So do my family,, my mom always put the chili into the food to make the flavor more tasty!!

We have 2 kind of chili, fresh chili and dry chili.

#4. Instant noodles.

Instant noodles.

Sometime if there are nothing to eat in my house, I always take the instant noodle and cook it myself. It’s really easy to cook, just put all the ingredient in the package into the boil water and wait around 3 minute! The most popular flavor that every house must have is Pork soup flavor.

#5. Herbal liquid

Herbal liquid

This is a Thai herbal liquid that we always put 2-3 drops into the drink water to make the water smell as jasmine. I feel really fresh after drinking it. In that liquid consist of a lot of aromatic water. It was really popular in the past. Now a day grandpa, grandma still drink it. But the teenagers use it as a tint on their lip because it has a strong red-pink color.

The next 5 things will be an item the we always use in our daily life.

#6. Herbal balm

herbal balm

The herbal balm is used when people feel dizzy. Foreigner really like it. I saw many  foreigners in the supermarket bought it as a souvenir from Thailand.

#7. Prickly heat powder (Cool powder)

Prickly heat Powder (Cool powder)

Because the weather in Thailand is very  hot!!!! so we use the prickly heat powder to make ourselves cooler.

#8. Fan


Every house must have this item ,, as you know Thailand is hot all the year! and the fas is quite cheap, so we bought it to use in every corner of the house. There are more than 10 fans in my house!!

#9. Air Conditioner.

Air conditioner

Air conditioner is better than fan,, I prefer it than fan but the price is  more expansive than fan around 15 times!! so there are only 3 air conditioner in my house. When we use it we always set the temperature as 25 Celsius.

#10. Buddhist shrine

Buddhist Shrine

Around 80-90% of people in Thailand are buddhism, so in every house there are at least 1 Buddhist shrine in each house. Some houses have  a small Shrine but some have a big one. When I feel worried I always pray in front of my shine, then I feel better. It’s just a believe, I also don’t know why i feel better after praying.

Well, All of this are the 10 stuff that almost Thai people have in their house. I hope there are interesting for you. If anyone have any daily stuff that different from me,, please share!!! I really like to learn new and different culture!! 🙂

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